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About G-Team Russia

G-Team Russia - one of the largest Czech engineering companies with a wide profile of manufactured products. 
The company was founded in 1992 and now G-Team „group“ covers more than 400 employers not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe, including Russia.
At the moment the G-Team production plant is equipped with its own testing and developing center, on the basis of which the company's specialists conduct unique high-tech research.
Our steam equipment is used in all industry sectors: from food, dairy, sugar factories to pharmaceutical, chemical factories and power plants.
Reliability and quality are confirmed by the supply and successful products operation around the world. Our professionals team will find the problem areas in your technology and offer unique solutions to increase its energy efficiency.

One of the main products is steam turbines, which convert steam into electricity and provide for the own needs of the plants or generate energy in an external electrical network. The company's specialists make a preliminary calculation and individual equipment fitting according to the customer's specific parameters, desires and requirements.

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G-Team is not just a team, it is a lifestyle, cohesion, a single entity, where each person performs his irreplaceable function. The company creates the conditions for career and professional growth of employees. G-Team is a team where you want to grow, expand professional and personal boundaries.
Our company always has a place for new colleagues who want to show their talents, develop and enjoy their work.

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Why G-Team Russia?

Works worldwide

30 years of experience in the Czech and foreign markets as a guarantee of high quality, unique know-how, continuous excellence and product modernization.

Proven reliability

G-Team products are trusted and have a high reputation in many industries around the world.


G-Team Steam Turbines - save your money and power your plant.

High-Tech Products

Modern technological solutions and increasing energy efficiency of each plant using steam.


Cutting edge design by world class research facility.


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